quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2009

Published work

Back in 2005 - brazilian magazines

"Natural enchantment"

"Unexpected visit"
Book - Quick pages for scrapbook (published by Pedacos Scrapbook)
In this book, we received some assignments - work with squares, work with a BW picture... some pages published are below
"Peek a boo" (work with squares)

"Thank you for you"
Published in the book
This page also was in demonstration for Swarovski launch of new crystal line for scrapbooking and crafts


Book - Mini projects - The emotion of giving with scrapbooks" (published by pedacos Scrapbook)
In this book I have 2 projects with step by step

MatchPocket (a mix between a matchbook + a pocket album)

Recipe binder - with an original technique on using binder rings

2 comentários:

  1. Que lindos seus projetos! Foram publicados em que revista? Adorei-os! Parabéns! Bjs, Fabi.

  2. Fabi, os projetos foram publicados nas edicoes que estao nas fotos acima de cada grupo de projetos. Obrigada pelos elogios ;)